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about time (2021)

by Luke Thering

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1. When I was young, I was a fool (and so were you, and so were you…) I thought I wanted to grow up (and so did you, and so did you) We didn’t know each other yet, but one day that would change… 2. When we first met, I fell in love, (and so did you, and so did you…) You said, “Let’s go, let’s take a walk!” “O-K!,” I said, but then, what’s next? Will you still walk beside me, even when we’re far apart? 3. Remember when we wrote that song? (that no one heard, that no one heard) We wrote the words in just one night (At least they rhymed, at least they rhymed…) They sounded nice… But did they really tell a story we both meant? 4. Ten years went by and we had changed, (and so had you, and so had I…) We’d grown apart, just like you knew we would, I knew it too… But still I wish we never stopped Writing that song… …the words, I mean… I mean to say: I still remember how the melody had gone It went like this… This IS the tune… The tune to that old song!
[1] I am walking like I know the way and I do not want to waste the day after all you only live once... at least, that's the story I'm going with this time around [2] Yesterday I called up my friend tried to share the thoughts in my head. but as I spoke, my thoughts vanished, like smoke! so I told a bad joke... instead of the things that keep me up at night That it's hard to tell what's wrong, what's right but at least I called, at all… it's the thought that counts... at least, that's the story I'm going with this time around [3] Read the papers, watch the news so divided; which side do you choose? of course, there's more to the story we've been here before, we've... heard all the lies... and boy, how time flies... perhaps it'd be wise to turn off the news and put on my shoes, Take a walk, take a breath take a break from it all. call a friend, lend a hand, use your voice, write a poem, sing a song! but don't take too long, because one day it all ends... [4] …after all you only live once... at least, that's the story I'm going with this time around


All proceeds from January through March 2021 were donated, divided evenly between these 3 charities:

-Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund
-Equal Justice Initiative
-A Well-Fed World

The first song has an accompanying animated video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rt29byDeZs


released January 6, 2021


Dan Collins, voice (track 1)
Mike Malone, drums (track 2)
Lexie Lakmann, voice (track 3)
Jacki Thering, violin/viola/cello (track 3)
Luke Thering, keys/composition/mix (all)


all rights reserved



Luke Thering La Crosse, Wisconsin


(sheet music at payhip link below)

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